Prolific film composer, songwriter, singer, producer Randy Edelman at the Chelsea Table & Stage NYC. Photo Billy Hess

It felt as though Randy was winging it last night, but he wasn’t. It was a brilliantly constructed musical trip through Edelman’s backpages, it seemed free formed but it kept a timeline of his career, wherever we might think he is. The perfect example is how he starts with the ha has, the soundtracks that began his career as a movie composer for comedic films, and then, later, he tries to get away from the “ha has” and we are offered the “non ha has”. I love cleverness, I love the skill it takes to perform nonstop for two hours, alone, and be mesmerizing. He put a little love in our heart whether he wanted to or not.

Randy Edelman is back at Chelsea Table And Stage on April 9th, 2022 (here). It is a dream, not his father’s bad ones either, it is unmissable so don’t blame me if you miss it.

Grade: A review by Iman Lababedi Rock.NYC

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