A few important Tips: Working With Models For A Successful Photo Shoot

Important when shooting models

  1. Plan the shoot ahead of time discuss styling makeup, hair, clothing styles and shoot direction and ideas they are thinking of and your ideas. Always try to communicate your vison of the shoot like looks, style, and what kind to feel or emotions the photos should project and most importantly your models vision because you give your clients what they want and more.
  2. To get the best out of the model and have a successful shoot you must earn the models trust and the model must be comfortable. This must be your top priority. 
  3. Always conduct yourself in a professional manner. Be polite and respect agreed boundaries of the shoot.
  4. Have fun creating the images with the model by keeping the mood uplifting and not so serious The models must feel comfortable, free and enjoying the time shooting with you to get the best out of you and the model 
  5. Have a signed model release that allows you to use the photos for marketing your business and be sure to credit the model properly on social media and marketing media platforms.
  6. Don’t overdo editing where the photos look fake unless the model request such photos.
  7. Always be positive with the model and refrain from saying thing like no that’s not good or that doesn’t work.  Direct the model into poses and looks by telling them the feeling or emotion you’re trying to capture, let the model show you that emotion or feeling.
  8. Make sure the atmosphere on the set if comfortable. I play the models favorite music or set the emotion by playing the music that will help the model feel the emotion or feeling I am trying to capture in the photo.
  9. If I get the money shot, I show the model the photo. I show them what I think the best are and see if they agree or we have to go in another direction.
  10.  I always deliver what the model wanted in the shoot first then I get more creative and work with the models on new ideas and many times I get some creative photos that the model did not even think of.  Many times we see models best attributes that the model may not think they have and we bring them out.

Billy Hess

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