Short Golden Etiquette Concert Photography Tips

<By Billy Hess Concert Photographer>

Photography concerts is stimulating while challenging but can be laborious if you are working in the pit or press line with photographers who have poor photographer etiquette. Many professional photographers I have work alongside were some amateurs not so great and even some of the professional photographers forget photographer etiquette

Here is list of my basic concert photography etiquette rules

Have your confirmation with you. email from your magazine editor/band management

When you collect your creds before the show you have the conformation to makes thing goes smoother in case there are issues that you are not on the list ect

  • The most important rule!!! Respect Other Photographers in the Pit.

Everyone is there to do the same job. When moving around keep in mind of other photographers. You may have to duck so you don’t walk in front of someone’s shot. Don’t edge a photographer out so that they can’t get or miss their shot. If you get to close to stage you maybe in everyone’s shot. If you get your shot, make sure others get there’s. When you do this many will do the same. You may see each other in the pit again someday. Careful not to bump into each photographer or security while in the pit or taking your shots. If every photographer follows this rule its smooth sailing for the three songs or it can be a warzone like many read carpets can be.

Respect and be regardful & respectful mindful of Staff and Security.

They can make it hard for you to shoot if you show them no respect. Most of the time they know that you are there to photography. If not tell them. Say hello to make small talk. I even say goodbye and thanks to all when I leave. They remember you! Trust me you don’t want them to ruin your reputation with venue or promotor. Remember sometimes thing change before the show follow instructions!

The First Three Songs and No Flash Rule.

If you follow the rules beforehand, you can be asked to leave follow the rules. Don take a chance of being banned from future shows.

Respect the ticket holders

They paid good money for those tickets. They are there to have a good time and have been drinking. Be friendly and polite there maybe time where you may get on their way for a shot. Also if asked to take a photo from their cell phone say you are not allowed because if one person sees you doing it many will ask.

 Watch for your safety

Sometimes the venue does not have a photo pit and you are among the crowd or even a mosh pit. Carful of your surroundings a body surfer could land on your head! Always wear earplugs to avoid hearing damage

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